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Despite Progressive Rep, Part Of Hollywood Is Stuck In The Dark Ages When It Comes To Lgbt Roles - Yahoo News

Jaguars open camp amid renovations on, off field - Yahoo Sports

Five researchers combed through all the 2013 films released by the biggest movie studios, including 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Sony Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros. Multiple aspects of the film were considered for LGBT inclusiveness, such as how LGBT characters were used in the film (if at all) and if there was anti-LGBT humor. Its not enough for a film to include a gay or lesbian character, said Cruz. This person must be integral to the narrative and not be solely defined by the character's sexuality. One example of a really tiresome dont is in Universal Pictures'Riddick, said Cruz. This sci-fi flick starring Vin Diesel includes a gruff female sniper named Dahl whose dialogue makes it apparent that shes a lesbian, according to GLAAD. In the course of the movie, Dahl is called a whore and then a lesbo, and, apparently, the combination of that sweet talk and Vin Diesels machismo is too magnetic for her to resist. "The implication is quite clear that the hyper-masculine Riddick was too much for even a professed lesbian to resist, thereby validating one of the most egregious and stereotypical 'straight-guy' fantasies, and treating her character with profound misogyny in the process," according to GLAADsreport. Even when there is inclusion of LGBT characters, it's often limited to white gay men.
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''There's a lot of positive things going around this team and it's not just the football-related stuff. It's the scoreboards, it's the stadium, it's Shad. I always say hopefully we can match what they're doing, that we don't let them down. They've raised the bar for us to be more competitive.'' Being more competitive should be the goal for Jacksonville after last season. View gallery Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley, right, instructs linebacker LaRoy Reynolds (56) during The Jaguars lost their first eight games last year by double digits, a historically futile stretch that made it clear Jacksonville's rebuilding project was a full-blown, ground-up restoration. The Jaguars showed some life late, winning four of five games after the rough start. They dropped their final three games and finished with a third consecutive losing record. But the modest turnaround combined with what seemed like a solid draft and a few key free agents have the Jaguars hopeful of better results in 2014. ''It's a completely different feeling walking into the locker room because you get the sense that everybody's on the same page, Mr.
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Scarlett Johansson in Lucy: universal studios orlando vacation The Future of the Female Action Star - TIME

Her breakout roles had her playing the other woman or the unfaithful woman (even if the cheating is simply emotional): Lost In Translation, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Match Point, The Other Boleyn Girl, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Hes Just Not That Into You all place Johansson in some sort of love triangle or cheating scandal. Why she was cast in these roles is obvious: Johansson is a classically beautiful, voluptuous blonde. Men in the audience knew she was fatally attractive, and womenbased on the number of times Ive heard female friends declare their hatred for herwere repulsed by her undeniable sex appeal. Even as shes moved away from the role of the hapless young woman, shes capitalized on her dangerous beauty: her superhero character, Black Widow, is named after a spider that traps and then kills its prey; in Don Jon she played the only woman who could tame a man obsessed with porn; in Under Her Skin shes an alien that eats men; and even though she never appears in Her, her disembodied voice is so sultry that its no wonder Joaquin Phoenix falls head over heels for his computer. You may notice that these more recent films increasingly capitalize on Johanssons intelligence and not just her body: shes played and tricky alien, a computer, and now in Lucy, the smartest woman in the world. So while the success of Lucy may mean that Johansson can helm a Black Widow movie, taking such a simplistic roles could feel a step down for Johansson. Shes made a point throughout her career to choose pretty complex roles, working with directors like Woody Allen and Christopher Nolan and opting for lower-budget projects like Don Jon and Under Her Skin, when she could turn on her charm and have an easy road to rom-con stardom. Why go from playing hyper-smart women in artier films to reciting cliche dialogue in a superhero flick? But the way actors afford to take challenging roles like Samantha in Her is by suiting up for things like The Avengers.
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