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"khoobsurat" - Bollywood´s First Disney Romance - Planet Bollywood News

Who Should Play Evil Hans on 'Once Upon a Time'? - Nick Jonas - Zimbio

Who Should Play Evil Hans on Befitting the title, the film top-lines actor and international fashion icon Sonam Kapoor, who is set to take centrestage as countrys first Disney Girl with the film. While Sonam will essay the role of fresh faced, charming and effervescent Milli, an endearing misfit in a royal setting, Khoobsurat will also mark the big Bollywood debut of Pakistani heartthrob and the most popular star of his generation, Fawad Khan, who will reprise the role of a straight jacketed royal prince in this romantic-comedy "Disney is known world over for heartwarming stories that entertain the whole family, and with Khoobsurat, India will get its first modern-day Disney fairytale. Sonam embodies the character with such ease and panache that it makes this fairytale come to life, says Amrita Pandey, VP and Head of Marketing and Distribution, Studios, Disney India. We are really excited to collaborate with Disney India on Khoobsurat. The movie will be a magical love story between two opposites set in a royal family and a complete feel good entertainer, that will take you through a roller-coaster of emotions like all Disney films do, says co-producer Rhea Kapoor. Khoobsurat is produced by Walt Disney Pictures in association with Anil Kapoor Film Company, is directed by Shashanka Ghosh. Latest News
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(Disney) Surprise! MoreFrozen folks are coming toOnce Upon a Time. What started as an Elsa tease has blossomed into a full-onFrozen takeover. We know Elsa ( Georgina Haig ), Anna ( Elizabeth Lail ), and Kristoff ( Scott Michael Foster ) are already filming in Vancouver , but it turns out Prince Hans will be stirring up trouble in Storybrooke as well. So we're just going to add everyone fromFrozen toOUAT, right? Wrong. While word is still out on the possibility of adding that family of rock trolls,OUAT showrunner Adam Horowitz has smashed any hope of ever seeing Olaf on the show: "It wouldn't fit... The story we want to tell doesn't involve trying to expand upon that, nor do we think it should." (In other words, Horowitz doesnot want to build a live-action snowman.) Below, we present our top picks to play Hans. In all likelihood, no one this famous will come aboard, but we can dream! Nathan Fillion (Getty l Disney) Sure, Hans probably wasn't in his forties inFrozen, but with a talent like Fillion's, we'd be happy to overlook the age discrepancy.
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Eight Questions for This Year's San Diego Comic-Con - Yahoo News

ButVariety's Marc Graser is selling this year's con to CBS News as the "the year of the smaller film," with high profile panels for The Giverand Daniel Radcliffe'sHorns. After all, it doesn't look like Disney is going to share anyStar Warsgoodies. WillInterstellarmake an appearance? Paramount hasn't really elaborated as to what films will be on display at their Thursday Hall H panel, which has led many to speculate as to whether Christopher Nolan will make his first Comic-Con appearance. Gregory Ellwood at HitFix wrote that the studio has been "weighing" whether or not the movie should make an appearance, with one concern being that the studio does not want to repeatGravity's campaign path from San Diego to Oscar. Still, we can hold out out hope that Nolan shows disney world vacation packages 2014 and maybe gives us a better sense as to just what the hell is going on here. RELATED: The Wonderfully Demented 'Lucy' Crosses High-Octane Action with The Tree of Life What will Marvel say aboutAnt-Man? It feels a lot like Comic-Con is Marvel's world and we're just living in it, and there is plenty that the studio could drop when they take to Hall H Saturday evening. There will likely some Age of Ultrongoodies teased, andfolks like Variety and BuzzFeed have speculated as to whether the studio's president Kevin Feige will drop some information about who might be playing Doctor Strange.(Cumberbatch? Cumberbatch? He's at Comic-Con to promote , for some unknown reason, Penguins of Madagascar.) View gallery . But being lovers of controversy, we here at The Wire are interested to see what happens when Feige is barraged with questions about the recentAnt-Manhullabaloo. Director Edgar Wrightwho had been working on the project since 2006left the project in May, and nowBring it Ondirector Peyton Reed is in the driver's seat.
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